Advanced features designed for education. Designed By educators.

Only BookOnPublish offers a complete set of advanced features designed for education:

1. Digital books map to print books, including page layout.

2. Extensive learner feedback and assessment. This h

3. Scored results returned to any supported destination, including ExperienceAPI servers and any LMS with an external gateway.

4. Support for all media types: video, sound, Web links, local HTML, YouTube, images, and more.

5. Extremely quick turn-around. We can deliver your content in digital format in days, not weeks or months.

create it once. Run it everywhere.

In todays' market, you need to deliver your content on many devices: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

And, you need to deliver your content in many ways: as a local app, in a browser, and--if possible--in a local content server for remote schools with limited Internet connectivity.

Yet, you probably can't  really afford the time or the money required to create separate versions of your textbook or educational content for every device and every platform.

So, what should you do?

Consider BookOnPublish. We can show you how we can process your content one time, then output and package it to run on almost any device, anywhere, anytime. 

Any content. Any page format. No limits.

Most digital publishing options simply can not support the complex format used in printed text books.

BookOnPublish supports any content, any format, and any page layout.

If your textbook incorporates sophisticated page layout with multiple columns, images, and callouts, BookOnPublish will support it.

Stop compromising.  Use the digital publishing solution that delivers your content as it was meant to be, unbound by the limits of a particular digital publishing solution.

Proven success.

BookOnPublish has been successfully used by thousands of instructors and hundreds of thousands of students around the world. Our major partners include Course Technology, Cengage Learning, and Piron Corporation.

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